Memory Mix – My first Android app

Memory Mix

Hi! After several months of development spread over the last three years, I’m finally releasing my first own Android app. No more excuses and procrastination, I want this out there!

Memory Mix is a classic pair-matching game: find pairs of identical images until the board is empty. You get a score based on how many moves you use. You can pick between different categories like animals, nature and vehicles, and various board sizes. The images are from (CC0).

The game was developed in Java with the Android SDK using Eclipse.

It was hard for me to say “I’m done” with this project because I wanted it to be perfect. But I kept changing the app design and in the end I was nitpicking on minor details and got bored. One thing I’ve learned is that I shouldn’t aim so high. This app has its flaws but it is more than good enough! And if people don’t get to play it, it’s a wasted effort.

Thanks to my friends and family for supporting me and giving feedback!

If you have an Android device, tap here to give Memory Mix a try! =)

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