Anthill Commander

AnthiveDid you ever play Minecraft and question why everything is so blocky? Why couldn’t the terrain just be smooth so you can climb a hill without constantly jumping? There’s actually an algorithm called Marching Cubes that solves this and gives smooth terrain. And it’s at the core of this new game I’m building.

Dig your own tunnels and establish your own ant colony! Explore endless procedural landscapes and climb any surface naturally, just like ants do! Upside down means nothing in this sandbox survival. Collect dirt to expand your anthive. Gather food and watch your colony grow in strength and numbers. Fend off enemy bugs by commanding your ants to fight! Join the fight yourself using acid and bite attacks!

Anthive with holes

I realize it’s a bit ambitious, but I already have a working prototype with procedural landscape, chunk loading, ant walking physics, digging, building and basic pathfinding. What remains before I can provide a demo is to tune the core mechanics, especially the player controls — and the digging and building, which the game heavily relies on. And the chunk spawning code needs to be optimized.


I’m targeting spring 2019 for a public release on PC. I will try to have a demo ready by the end of November for anyone interested in playtesting! This is my first sizeable 3D game, so it’s an adventure of new things to learn and discover. And I need to balance it with work, rest and social life too. I will keep at it and share updates as I go! 🙂

SPECK Progress Update

Spaceship and puzzle

After a slow start with this project, I’m starting to get motivated!

Added a spaceship model (free Unity asset by Sakari Games), some lights, and a puzzle board for unlocking the door. Swiping up or down on the power links indicated by the arrows will make the columns move up and down. The challenge will be to connect up the left and right sides of the puzzle. I made the puzzle tiles in Blender and threw in some particles and bloom in Unity to make the power links look nicer. The player can see the power go from left to right and continue in the ceiling down the corridor towards the door.

Next up:

  • Coding the puzzle logic to make the door open!
  • Levels with multiple doors and corridors.

SPECK: Space Prison Escape haCK (mobile game)

You’re an intergalactic hacker who helps inmates escape prison through your hacking skills.  Solve puzzles to open high security doors just in time for your clients to fly through – in a spaceship you control remotely for them. Earn money by successfully helping prisoners escape. Build up your reputation (and wanted level) by not failing missions and earn money to buy more advanced hacking gear on the dark space market. Pick your own missions based on your confidence and gear. If you fail, you risk losing gear and reputation (and the prisoner’s life).Space corridor and door3

This will be a high-speed puzzle-solving multitasking game for Android (first). I will use Unity as the game engine. The graphics will be low-poly for performance reasons. I made this space corridor and door in Blender today. I’m pretty happy with it as a start! No textures or lights yet. Imagine that’s a spaceship in the picture.


Memory Mix – My first Android app

Memory Mix

Hi! After several months of development spread over the last three years, I’m finally releasing my first own Android app. No more excuses and procrastination, I want this out there!

Memory Mix is a classic pair-matching game: find pairs of identical images until the board is empty. You get a score based on how many moves you use. You can pick between different categories like animals, nature and vehicles, and various board sizes. The images are from (CC0).

The game was developed in Java with the Android SDK using Eclipse.

It was hard for me to say “I’m done” with this project because I wanted it to be perfect. But I kept changing the app design and in the end I was nitpicking on minor details and got bored. One thing I’ve learned is that I shouldn’t aim so high. This app has its flaws but it is more than good enough! And if people don’t get to play it, it’s a wasted effort.

Thanks to my friends and family for supporting me and giving feedback!

If you have an Android device, tap here to give Memory Mix a try! =)

Cirdoku December update

Hi! I’ve made some minor but well needed changes to Circle Sudoku:


  • Added daily/weekly/monthly highscores. Now it’s easier to get your time on the board!
  • Cirdoku now works in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Made every second ring whiter/darker, so it’s easier to visually follow the rings in search of numbers.

Click here to play!

Enjoy the weekend! =)

Christmas Sudoku


I’ve updated the browser game Circle-Sudoku with Christmas colors, so just put on some Christmas music to set the mood!

Sirkel-sudoku med julefarger
“Cirdoku”, Circle-Sudoku with Christmas colors. Click the image to play!

In addition I’ve added a button for “New puzzle”, instructions in Norwegian and fixed some bugs. Such as not all user’s scores showing in the list.

The system that makes the puzzles is also improved – it now generates them beforehand, so the game loads faster.

Please click here and give it a try! =)

Note: The game doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. Use Chrome, Firefox or Edge for to play.

Let me know if something’s broken, or if you have ideas for improvement, and I’ll see what I can do!

Block Breaker Battle!

This summer I’ve started in a game development course for Unity. An early game in the course is an Arkanoid-clone where you control a paddle to smash bricks with a ball. I’ve continued building on the game and added more levels, bombs, iceblocks and a skill that lets you duplicate the ball!

Skjermbilde fra et brett i spillet.
This is a level from the game. Click the image to play! The game should load within 30 seconds.

Note: If you get an error message, try to reload the page.

I’ve added a local two player mode where one player must place bricks while the other player tries to break them! You can also test your brick building skills against the AI!

Click here to play! Mouse and keyboard required, and at least 1280×960 resolution.

I appreciate feedback and ideas, so please leave a comment!

Unity is a 3D game engine that’s free for personal use. The images and sound effects in the game are from and

Cirdoku – Circle Sudoku

Cirdoku with Norwegian flag colors. The game is made in HTML5.
Cirdoku with Norwegian flag colors. The game is made in HTML5.

For a long time I’ve had a fascination with puzzle games. Sudoku in particular caught my interest when I learned to play it. I once drew a circular Sudoku board, and it seemed to work. Over the last 4 years I’ve been working with programming and web development, so making that idea into a game was now a doable project.

It turned out to be more work than I first expected. After several weeks it was playable, and the plan was to upload it on WordPress, but I found out doesn’t easily support interactive content. So I decided to buy a personal domain and host it there.

Cirdoku works very much like normal Sudoku, except there are rings and cake-slices instead of rows and columns. To solve it, the player must fill in numbers from 1 to 6 so that each ring, cake slice and same-colored area contain all numbers from 1 to 6 (or 1-8 for large, and 1-4 for small puzzles).

You can now play it here!

I would appreciate feedback and ideas, so please leave a comment here or on Facebook!

To celebrate 17th of May I’ve added Norwegian flag colors to the game!