[:en]SPECK: Space Prison Escape haCK (mobile game)[:]

[:en]You’re an intergalactic hacker who helps inmates escape prison through your hacking skills.  Solve puzzles to open high security doors just in time for your clients to fly through – in a spaceship you control remotely for them. Earn money by successfully helping prisoners escape. Build up your reputation (and wanted level) by not failing missions and earn money to buy more advanced hacking gear on the dark space market. Pick your own missions based on your confidence and gear. If you fail, you risk losing gear and reputation (and the prisoner’s life).Space corridor and door3

This will be a high-speed puzzle-solving multitasking game for Android (first). I will use Unity as the game engine. The graphics will be low-poly for performance reasons. I made this space corridor and door in Blender today. I’m pretty happy with it as a start! No textures or lights yet. Imagine that’s a spaceship in the picture.