[:en]Anthill Commander[:]

[:en]AnthiveDid you ever play Minecraft and question why everything is so blocky? Why couldn’t the terrain just be smooth so you can climb a hill without constantly jumping? There’s actually an algorithm called Marching Cubes that solves this and gives smooth terrain. And it’s at the core of this new game I’m building.

Dig your own tunnels and establish your own ant colony! Explore endless procedural landscapes and climb any surface naturally, just like ants do! Upside down means nothing in this sandbox survival. Collect dirt to expand your anthive. Gather food and watch your colony grow in strength and numbers. Fend off enemy bugs by commanding your ants to fight! Join the fight yourself using acid and bite attacks!

Anthive with holes

I realize it’s a bit ambitious, but I already have a working prototype with procedural landscape, chunk loading, ant walking physics, digging, building and basic pathfinding. What remains before I can provide a demo is to tune the core mechanics, especially the player controls — and the digging and building, which the game heavily relies on. And the chunk spawning code needs to be optimized.


I’m targeting spring 2019 for a public release on PC. I will try to have a demo ready by the end of November for anyone interested in playtesting! This is my first sizeable 3D game, so it’s an adventure of new things to learn and discover. And I need to balance it with work, rest and social life too. I will keep at it and share updates as I go! :)[:]