Block Breaker Battle!

This summer I’ve started in a game development course for Unity. An early game in the course is an Arkanoid-clone where you control a paddle to smash bricks with a ball. I’ve continued building on the game and added more levels, bombs, iceblocks and a skill that lets you duplicate the ball!

Skjermbilde fra et brett i spillet.
This is a level from the game. Click the image to play! The game should load within 30 seconds.

Note: If you get an error message, try to reload the page.

I’ve added a local two player mode where one player must place bricks while the other player tries to break them! You can also test your brick building skills against the AI!

Click here to play! Mouse and keyboard required, and at least 1280×960 resolution.

I appreciate feedback and ideas, so please leave a comment!

Unity is a 3D game engine that’s free for personal use. The images and sound effects in the game are from and

2 thoughts on “Block Breaker Battle!

  1. Hi,

    I was following the same tutorial as you did and found be chance your site.
    After trying your game I really liked the explosion and freezing feature but I don’t know how to implement it could you lend me a hand please???

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